To Do

To make any real progress in one’s photography, one needs to be rather systematic about it. Hence this list of “To Do” items (which will need to be prioritized):

  • Lr – Decide on using a single catalog or more than one. Useful input at: Lightroom Secrets, Lightroom Killer Tips and Terry White’s Podcasts. This last item is most interesting as it covers the how, not just the why.
  • D700 – Finalize custom setting banks.
  • Lr – Finalize initial develop workflow.
  • Lr – Investigate possible use of:
    • standardized Copy Name (just below File Name in Metadata panel);
    • standardized Label (just below Rating in Metadata panel).
  • Lr – Evolve on initial keyword hierarchy:
    • find a way to characterize existing keywords e.g. adding “frozen” to water keywords (for instance to produce “frozen lake”) or “dirty”, “rusty”, “muddy”, “derelict” to object keywords (for instance to produce “muddy path”);
    • replace “english tree species (french tree species)” keywords with “french tree species” keyword which exports the corresponding english species but not itself.
  • Lr – Clean-up list of Camera Profiles.
  • Exhibition – A number of items are to be sorted out:
    • How to write captions (useful input from Reuters, **
    • Which paper to use ?

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