Additional picture controls

In addition to the four factory-installed in-camera picture control presets (Standard, Neutral, Vivid and Monochrome), Nikon provides three additional ones for the D700:

  • landscape for “vivid shots of landscapes and cityscapes“;
  • portrait for “portraits with soft, natural skin tones“; and
  • DX2 for “the color reproduction used in the D2X and D2Xs“.

I still need to try these, but the resulting JPEGs could be useful in guiding the Lightroom postprocessing. Speaking of which, Lightroom now comes with a number of Nikon-specific “Camera Profiles” which aim at reproducing the effect of the corresponding picture control presets. These presets greatly improve Lr’s rendition of colors present in NEFs.

Note: The Lightroom Camera Profiles are stored in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Adobe\CameraRaw\CameraProfiles (this is where one should go to delete any unwanted Camera Profiles e.g. the beta ones).


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