Lightroom’s NEF weak point

Lightroom (Lr) does not seem to handle NEFs that well (see, for instance, Adobe’s Forums). In my case, I have chromatic aberration problems. Here are two examples (2:1 views) with the JPEG generated by the D700 above and the corresponding NEF below:

Note the clearly visible red/cyan chromatic aberration (CA) in the NEFs, which is only slightly visible in the JPEGs. The CA in the NEFs goes away with a -33 red/cyan correction in Lr. Using Adobe’s camera profiles does not help in this respect.

Anyone else seen this in Lr ? How about in Aperture ? And NX2 ?


2 Responses to “Lightroom’s NEF weak point”

  1. It’s a little hard to tell what you are experiencing from these small images. Personally I haven’t seen CA problems. Although I do experience problems with birefringence, AKA blooming. Birefringence is purple or green fringing that is often seen in areas of dark right next to light areas, particularly if the whites are overexposed, and usually with a lens wide open. It looks a lot like CA, but is actually a different phenomenon, and cannot be fixed with the CA sliders. I have not done any comparisons to see if the effect is improved by shooting JPG, but it would be interesting to try.

  2. Richard Heeley Says:

    I have experienced exactly the same problem with my D700, but with Adobe Camera Raw 4.5 plugin on PS3. Love to know how to get rid of it.

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