First shoot

My first “real” shoot with the D700 was at the Whitsun festival of the Blonay-Chamby railway-museum. During this yearly festival, the museum takes all its running steam locomotives, trolleys, passenger and freight cars out.

My main learning points of this shoot are:

  1. Never forget to specify which microprocessorless lens I put on (my 24mm will work without problem on the D700 if I do not do this, but the EXIF data will be incomplete update: the EXIF data may be incomplete even though the lens has been specified; I will check this out).
  2. The ½ EV set-up for bracketing may not be optimal. A ⅓ EV set-up might be better. Close examination of photographs in Lightroom will tell.
  3. Not having a rule-of-thirds grid is a problem. I should find a workaround to this.
  4. Buy at least one spare lens rear-cap, to facilitate lens changes.
  5. Buy a hood for my 24mm, to reduce the risk of flare.

I will also have to review the factors that influence (increase) the depth-of-field and see which Nikkor lenses can be stopped down most.


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